Webbook: Your Gateway to Global Educational Publishing

Webbook is a comprehensive digital ebook platform designed with a focus on education to the diverse needs of educational institutions libraries, and publishers, offering a range of features to facilitate the publication and distribution of multi-language books, academic texts, scholarly articles, and educational resources.


Webbook  provides a comprehensive solution for educational institutions and libraries seeking to publish and distribute multi-language content in a digital format. With its user-friendly interface, collaborative features, and customization options, the platform is poised to enhance the educational publishing experience for institutions globally.

Key Features for Partners & Learners

Comprehensive Dashboard

Webbook provides a central hub where educational institutions can manage all aspects of their digital library. From tracking analytics to updating content, everything is accessible from a unified dashboard.

Customizable Profiles

Institutions can tailor their Webbook presence with customizable profiles, ensuring that their educational brand and offerings are presented precisely how they wish.

Diverse Authors and Publishers

A wide network of authors and publishers means that institutions have access to a rich tapelet of perspectives and topics, from academic research to literary works.

Seamless Payment Integration

Webbook’s payment system is designed for ease, offering secure and straightforward transactions for institutions purchasing new content or managing subscriptions.

Curated Categories for Easy Navigation

Books and resources are organized into categories, simplifying the search process and ensuring that students and educators can quickly find the materials they need.

Expansive Book Selection

Webbook’s library is vast, providing access to thousands of books across various disciplines, making it an invaluable resource for both teaching and learning.

Real-Time Sales Tracking

Institutions can monitor book sales in real-time, gaining insights into which materials are most popular and how best to allocate their resources.

Insightful Reviews

Feedback from a community of readers provides institutions with valuable insights into book quality and relevance, aiding in the selection of the most impactful materials for their curriculum

Exclusive Discounts with Coupons

Webbook offers the ability to use coupons, making educational resources more accessible through discounts and special offers.

User Engagement Through Reviews

A review system allows users to engage with content, providing institutions with user feedback to guide future selections and teaching strategies.


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What is Webbook?
Webbook is a digital platform primarily serving universities, offices, and publishers. It offers a vast selection of academic texts, scholarly articles, and resources, designed to make educational and professional content accessible and interactive for institutional use.
How can institutions access Webbook?
Webbook is accessible via web browsers and mobile apps across major operating systems. Institutions can reach out to our sales team for custom subscription plans that align with their specific educational or professional needs.
How to initiate Webbook for my institution?
Start by booking a personalized demo. Our team will showcase Webbook’s features tailored to institutional requirements, demonstrating its benefits for both teaching and administrative purposes. Contact us to schedule your demo.
Do institutions require a subscription for Webbook?
Yes, Webbook functions on a subscription model. We offer various plans based on institution size, user count, and required content scope, ensuring a tailored approach for each institution.
Can educators and offices publish on Webbook?
Absolutely. We encourage educators and professionals to publish their materials on Webbook, promoting a rich, collaborative environment for learning and professional development.
What educational and professional content does Webbook offer?
Our platform includes textbooks, journals, study guides, learning modules, and professional literature, catering to a wide range of educational levels and professional fields.
How does Webbook support educators and professionals?
Webbook incorporates collaborative tools, annotation features, and adaptable reading settings, making it an ideal tool for both classroom and remote learning, as well as professional development.
Can reading progress and engagement be tracked on Webbook?
Yes, Webbook offers analytics for tracking reading progress and engagement, aiding educators and professionals in tailoring their instruction and work strategies.
Is Webbook compatible with existing systems?
Yes, Webbook can be integrated with various learning management and professional systems, allowing seamless incorporation into existing digital infrastructures.
What support does Altaif Kuala Lumpur provide for Webbook users?
We offer comprehensive support including training, technical assistance, and account management to ensure a smooth experience for all institutional users.
How can institutions request specific resources for Webbook?
Requests for additional library resources can be made through your account manager or our support team. We collaborate with various publishers and content creators to continuously enrich our offerings.
How can institutions access sales and transaction data for their materials?
Our platform provides a detailed dashboard for monitoring sales, transactions, and customer interactions with your materials, offering insights for effective marketing and resource management strategies.